Liberty Primary Named 2022 Model School

The International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), whose mission is to celebrate, inspire and support today’s educators, has named Liberty Primary School a 2022 Model School for their focus on relationships and rigorous and relevant academics to impact student growth. The educators at Liberty Primary School recognized opportunities for collaboration, have a strong culture, and hold high expectations for all students

Liberty Primary School is one of 16 Model Schools from across the United States that will share its best practices at ICLE’s 30th Annual Model Schools Conference. The event provides a forum for thousands of passionate teachers and leaders to share replicable and creative strategies that can be implemented in any school.

This recognition marks the 3rd year Liberty Primary School is recognized as a Model School.  Liberty Primary fosters a strong positive school culture while building a solid foundation for the youngest learners in their community by focusing on the whole child through student well-being, personalized learning, purposeful play, and early literacy.  We use developmentally appropriate best practices that are built on the foundation of strong relationships.  The students continue to thrive at Liberty Primary as our earliest learners engage in a school experience like no other, where students "PLAY TODAY, LEAD TOMORROW".

“Model Schools are passionate about kids. The educators at Model Schools are relentless about creating effective learning environments to benefit the students and the communities they serve,” says Dr. Linda Lucey, Program Chair and ICLE Associate Partner. “Each of the 2022 Model Schools are proud to share their stories of perseverance and strategies for others to take away and make their own.”

“Our staff at Liberty Primary is committed to providing a strong educational foundation through extraordinary learning experiences that support literacy, student well-being, and play,” says Liberty Primary School principal, Jessica Patterson. “Our goal is to meet each student where they are and personalize their learning pathway to ensure their success. Being selected as a National Model School is a true testament to this incredible work and highlights the dedication of our teachers and staff. Liberty Primary truly is a special place!”  “The energy and passion for kids is what makes the Model Schools Conference a celebration for all educators who attend,” says Dr. Lucey. “The energy you will experience at the conference is sure to inspire others, the strategies you will take away are concrete and tangible.”  

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